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Wow that's a helluva report. Even Mom. I know of others - here in New England where the spell's effects are particularly potent - who report similar. It's insane and heartbreaking and yet ubiquitous and becoming normalized making it all the more insane.

"I feel like the world has gone crazy. I no longer want to take part in a society that hates people like me." I fully understand the feeling. The world has gone crazy and it's a lot to take in, hard to absorb let alone get comfy with.

So, at the risk of sounding hyperbolic or self-important, I genuinely feel the world needs us. Really - whatever the future is going to look like (and I'm a full believer that after this collapse, a new world emerges that is better) we, impervious to the Program are essential. Humans who stand up for humanity - in the face of all kinds of insults and harms - are essential to humanity's future. So, that's you. And that's me and a whole bunch of other people who are finding each other. Thanks for the comment!

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EXCELLENT!!!! If I had friends I’d send this to them! I can’t find the energy to feign the normality everyone is projecting. So no more friends for me… in real life.

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This is much better than the short version I've been telling people, which goes something like this:

The social aspect of my musical life has been destroyed. I'm still playing the piano, but only for myself and occasionally for a very small circle of friends.

Someone who used to be my best friend for many years told me I'm a murderer and conspiracy theorist for not taking the jab.

An ex-girlfriend, who is otherwise friendly with me, told me she'd never allow me to be in the same room with her again because I didn't take the jab.

My mother won't let me visit her in person unless I take the jab.

I can't go to to the classical music concerts in my town any more because I didn't take the jab.

I feel like the world has gone crazy. I no longer want to take part in a society that hates people like me.

But otherwise, I'm doing OK: spending lots of time outdoors, working on Chopin Nocturnes and Debussy Images, visiting the very few friends (some jabbed) that I still have, working on sewing projects, reading lots of books (and Substacks).

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You wrote very close to the version which I have been avoiding. I have that thought about living in a Zombie world (or a killer clown world) pretty much every day. I never had a lot of friends, or just never bothered with friendship maintenance. Right now I have zero real life friends. I have writers like you and the dead ones like Orwell. This week I am down and cynical and think that this civilization has peaked. Rapid decline. I am going to learn Spanish and try to help them inherit the continent. The rest of “us” seem to me to be Eloi. They have mostly stopped wanting to even reproduce. Now they may have lost the ability. I am casting about for something worthwhile to do.

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did you really send this?? bravo. I have experienced some of what you are talking about, not to the full extent as you and your partner. Been blessed or cursed to be self employed for a few decades off and on. Good and bad with it. Over all it gave me lots of freedom and I am thankful for that. i sincerely feel for those that had to make decisions about work/income or receiving an unknown jab. Thankful I did not have to make that choice, especially with a family to support. I do know that I would have not taken the jab and figured something else out.

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Great summary, and thank you for sharing it. It’s the same for all of us “live and let live” types, who have always minded our own business and quietly lived life, working hard every day to take care of our own. We have been forced to re-examine what we believe, and how we want to be in this world. It’s a good thing really. Growth was needed for all of us. Which included pruning of our relationships!

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Thank you Kathleen for a great recap of thoughts I've thought, feelings I've felt, friends I've lost (most), and common sense sanity I've taken for granted for years, but now has sometimes seemed like, it's hanging by a thread! If losing friends was not bad enough, family is almost worse. Despite my most thoughtful, persistent and diplomatic communiques (as of Aug. 2020) with seemingly intelligent, much loved and very well educated family members, all of them (20 in total), took to the propaganda. Simply impossible to reach them on an intellectual or an emotional level. Consequently, two have left this reality (my siblings) and are are no longer with us. Fortunately, I have had success and good fortune in relocating from the PNW and in have reseeded a network of new friends. A lovely brand new environment in a part of the country which seems much more resilient, aware, and skeptical of .Gov.

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That was brilliant!

You just described every pure blood's existence for 2+ years.

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I’ve received emails from spiritual groups I used to attend requiring proof of inoculation. What a completely useless mandate by those that worship that which makes us human - our own sacred vessel. I did respond to these emails with snark and evidence with no responses. I will show no other person any papers that deem me sanitary. F U!!!

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Sending this out to those that haven't asked how I was doing. Really entertaining and informative and so well said. Thanks again, love your writing. Will let you know how my 90-year old mother in law responds. In case she does. I forwarded to her.

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Wow! This is so beautiful, real and raw. This just really hit a nerve with me. I have felt so alone, like so many who have been excluded for actually believing in informed consent, bodily autonomy and (god forbid) for asking questions.

I have always been one to question authority long before this current nightmare and have been disappointed that so many people choose to just follow the current thing on TV or social media.

Since I am already pretty introverted and have been shunned in the past for speaking out publicly about an abuser, I kind of had traversed this lonely territory in the past.

It is still painful to be rejected by ‘friends’ I had known for 5-10 years over what exactly.....my own choice with how I want to take care of my heath? These people knew I had an autoimmune disorder (celiac) and that I am super sensitive to medication.

They also don’t live in my body and have not suffered what I have suffered for years before I figured out what was wrong (doctors did not help) and yet they think they can pass judgment on me for declining an experimental shot?

Maybe their eyes will be opened one day, maybe not. I can only make myself happy by making art, cooking, gardening, listening to music and reading great Substack essays.

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I loved this! Thank you! Love that you actually sent it to "Deb".

When this "operation" came along -- and it was so 𝒐𝒃𝒗𝒊𝒐𝒖𝒔 that that's what it was -- I thought, "Here we go again." Why "Here we go 'again'"? Well, as someone who saw the 𝒐𝒃𝒗𝒊𝒐𝒖𝒔 back on Sep 11, 2001 and watched the whole country (I think you're in the U.S., too?) take on an utterly absurd story as fact, the roll out of the "COV!D" crime was for me a "Here we go again."

I knew from experience that "facts don't matter". Neither does liberty. This simmering vice in the vast majority in the "land of the free and home of the brave" bubbled to the surface in all its disgracefulness.

I knew from experience that any attempt to point out the absurd, the contradictions, the flat-out lies, the grotesque unlawfulness of what the freaks running the "COV!D" operation intended for us would subject me to abuse -- abuse I'd had my fill of years before. I knew exactly what "the mob" would do. Unfortunately, they proved me right.

Most importantly, I knew from the experience of trying to get at the truth of Sep 11 that you could tell the vast majority 𝒂𝒏𝒚𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈. The grander the absurdity, it seems, the better.

Again, your note to "Deb" is excellent, spot on. Thank you for writing that and thank you for sharing it with us.

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Please do send this brilliant diatribe and report back with the response(s)!!

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In the book Journey to Ixtlan by Castaneda, Don Genaro tells a tale of his attempt to find his way back to a home and people that he can never go back to, because he now knows that they are all phantoms. The only one who is now real to him is his fellow warrior Don Juan. For Don Juan, the poem by Jimenez, The Definitive Journey, captures his feelings for what he has left behind:

. . and I will leave. But the birds will stay, singing:

and my garden will stay, with its green tree,

with its water well.

Many afternoons the skies will be blue and placid,

and the bells in the belfry will chime,

as they are chiming this very afternoon.

The people who have loved me will pass away,

and the town will burst anew every year.

But my spirit will always wander nostalgic

in the same recondite corner of my flowery garden

The awakening from the phantom world has always been part of the warrior's path, long before Covid. Nowadays the phantoms are called NPC's (Non-Player Characters), a term describing the programmed background characters in virtual reality games. But we all were once phantoms/NPC's. Many of them will snap out of their trance in the coming years, feeling lost and directionless. They will need a helping hand.

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Boxed out.


Now they are angry, not that we were correct, but because we still were NOT COMPLIANT and that is a mortal SIN.

Forget dishonoring your mother and father, forget stealing or looting, or hurting or name calling. Nope.

WE just did not comply like they did, and that was just awful enough for them!!!


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You know Kathleen, I bookmarked this a year ago and re-read it from time to time. It STILL helps me process everything we (I) went through. So glad to know we are not alone. 

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