Three years?

Seems a lot longer than that. Especially when I tack on the boxcars that are behind it.

Reflecting, I have to look for the caboose. That was the place on the railroad track timeline where optimism winked out. It was one morning about 9:40 or so. When that second plane hit.

It rippled out from there for me. That’s when I first started to notice how perfectly people won’t notice.

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Nov 11, 2022·edited Nov 11, 2022Liked by Kathleen

For me the world split way before 2020. We had a divisive POTUS in 2008 that was starting a race war IMHO. That’s when I went down the rabbit hole and learned things I didn’t want or see to know and there was no turning back. The MSM and our guberment have been pulling the wool over the sheep’s eyes with legalized propaganda and mind control for a long time. Everything today is politics and it’s extremely purposefully divisive. Ms Emily is just another useful covidiot.

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There is no acknowledgement because there is no "seeing," Kathleen. Said differently, there is only seeing of what they believe. These beliefs lie beyond facts to the contrary just as the mob's did in "The Emperor's New Clothes."

There is nothing new here. Beyond the immediate and painful effects of what cooperation and celebration of this crime brought to the world is the realization of the immorality of virtually everyone we know -- our friends, our families, our co-workers, our institutions across the board. I know psychologists like to get all "psychological" about this, but for me morality takes center stage.

The footing we thought we had -- even if a bit bumpy prior to this criminal catastrophe -- has been washed away. If contrition comes from some, fine. I recommend, though, not expecting it. That way, one can relieve her or himself of the pain of waiting and the pain of sure disappointment.

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Latest stats prove those that are 4 times injected with the useless, poisonous and dangerous 'vaccine' equates to 7 times MORE LIKELIHOOD of catching Covid than the UNVAXXED!

Long Term Myocarditis - No thanks!

Reintroduce 'LIABILITY' = Pfizer (Et al) would have to pay so much compensation they would go bust within a week!

More importantly, Covid would become a distant bad dream overnight!

Covidf Vax = Control & then total Slavery is the Elite's ultimate intention.

NO TO DIGITAL CURRENCY! It's just more control of our FREEDOM to Say what We THINK!

This is the latest stage by the WEF (Et al) to Starve, Control, demine and enslave us.

This is The Great Reset!

Mick from Hooe (UK)

Unjabbed to live longer and fight those that mean to enslave and depopulate the planet!

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Beautiful piece, Kathleen. You have one error: the author of the Atlantic piece is Emily Oster. I believe you referred to her as Post.

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Back in 2021, my pediatrician nephew called me and all who wouldn’t comply and get the shot “stupid.” (So professional and clinical, right?)

Doctors I work with yelled at me that my research was wrong! At the time, I told them I don’t use CDC/FDA/Pharma propaganda as part of my research, but that fell on deaf ears.

May I borrow your words?

Rabid asshole

Worthless education/profession

It’s not me, it’s you


You are right-our silence is compliance.


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Hi Warren!

Simple answer to your question = ARROGANCE! Schwab has already blurted out more than a sensible tyrant dictator should = "Let them eat bugs" and "they will be happy owning nothing".

He takes us all for imbeciles as the 65% have proven!

I agree there will be (must be) devastating retribution for their 'crimes against humanity' and I'll happily be in the firing squad!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and ready for target practice!

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I.trust them, as much as I trust the US electoral system.

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On point, and straight to the heart of it. 🙏🏽❤️✊🏾

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